Online Virtual Assistants’ Mistakes: Top 4 Reasons Why they Happen

Online Virtual Assistants’ Mistakes: Top 4 Reasons Why They Happen Virtual assistants are professionals who possess enough skills to handle tasks from business-owners, industry-builders, and other sorts of professionals all over the world. Human as they are, they may also make mistakes somewhere along the way.

They’re just like you! Here are four common reasons that every online virtual virtual assistant should take into consideration:

1. No fixed time of availability. Often times people get a virtual assistant because you hope they will work for you anytime of the day. The thing is, there are times when they are either out or they’re not at their best just like you. They may unexpectedly get sick which could result in poor or no output. They may be tasked with duties and situations requiring immediate response that can be neglected without a fixed schedule. Having no fixed time will cause failure in terms of delivery and output. It is best if you identify the time of the day when your virtual assistant should work for you. Setting a schedule gives you and your virtual assistant a smooth-flowing day — you know when to call your virtual assistant for help and they know when to deliver your expected results. Establishing time-lines and work-flow will help you get the most productivity out of your online virtual assistant.

2. Negativity towards the tasks. You may not know but virtual assistants sometimes have the feeling of negativity towards their work. “I can’t handle that task,” “I don’t know how to do this” are their common lines. This may be caused by your virtual assistant not having the skill set required by the task or they simply don’t have the interest in it. Encourage them to give it a try and keep on track with their job whatever negativity they may feel. After all, it’s their responsibility to give you the best results.

Online Virtual Assistants’ Mistakes: Top 4 Reasons Why They Happen 3. No set deadlines. No matter how good your virtual assistant is there may always come a time that they turn in their work behind schedule. This may cause your client to have a bad impression of you and your company or worse yet fire you and the company. This is one mistake that an online virtual assistant can commit. Deadlines should be agreed upon at the start of the tasks assisgnment, and expectations should be mutually agreed upon. Doing these two can help both clients and VAs avoid disappointments and frustrations.

4. Misunderstanding of instructions. When you give instructions, it is important that both you and your virtual assistant are on the same page. Encourage your VA to ask questions so that everything is clear before they begin. The clearer your VA’s understanding of the process the better output you are assured to get at the end of the day. One error can sometimes affect everything but this can definitely be avoided if you make sure that your assistant got everything right at the onset.

Making mistakes is normal. It only becomes a problem if it happens again and again. Don’t expect your virtual assistants to be always right because they won’t. There will be mistakes at some point especially if you’re dealing with new and young online virtual assistants. When mistakes happen take the time to make help them realize the error and encourage them to make necessary adjustments to correct it for future tasks.

If you need someone who can deliver results that are close to perfection look for outsourcing firms that have established a good name in the business and hire a seasoned virtual assistant!

7 Ways Online Marketing can Benefit Business Owners and Marketers

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” ~ Bill Gates

How Online Marketing Can Benefit Business Owners and MarketersThere is nowhere else on Earth you can efficiently and effectively advertise or market your products or services better than over the Internet. Online marketing, digital marketing, web marketing, Internet marketing, search marketing, e-marketing or whatever you may call it, can be the most effective tool for every business owner to use in building a virtual town square for the consumers of the world today as envisioned by Bill Gates.

Learn how effective online marketing can increase your business performance and market increase the value of a certain company by examining the list of benefits below:

1. Significant Reduction of Costs. By advertising and marketing your products and services on the World Wide Web, you definitely cut significant costs because you don’t have to pay for the physical store or set-up, insurance and other utilities. Digital catalogs are less costly compared to print catalogs. Overall reduction in costs = greater profit margins.

2. Broader Range of Customers. The Internet certainly has a vast amount of users, not just domestically but globally as well. Through online marketing you can have access the global market and gain a broader and more diverse number of customers.

3. Reach Target Audience. The Internet is such a unique tool which you can use to target specific audience, buyers or customers. You can target very specific demographics like gender, age, location, socio-economic status, educational attainment and occupation. Target marketing will make it easy for you to devise effective marketing strategies for your products and services.

4. Real-Time Results Updated. The good thing about online marketing is it allows you to track real-time results. You can evaluate how effective your marketing is by just looking through the online analytics.

How Online Marketing Can Benefit Business Owners and Marketers5. Varying Options. You can always select the best-suited method to advertise and market your products and services across the web. These methods include email, audio, video, blog, newsletters, and the most popular one today, the use of social media.

6. Fair Chance of Converting Leads to Customers. The best thing about online marketing is that you can convert your generated leads more instantaneously. All you have to do is develop strategies to get as many quality leads as you can online and covert them to clients with the use of effective compelling offers.

7. Changing, Editing, and Updating Made Easy. Unlike the traditional and off-line methods of marketing like placing ads in newspapers, TV, or magazine, online marketing allows you to make changes easily without spending additional resources. For instance, you can easily edit a certain graphic or text in your blog anytime you want when analysis of your analytics indicates you can improve your conversion ratio with minor edits or changes to content.

As internet use continues to grow and more people continue to make the transition to smartphone devices online marketing will increasingly become the obvious best allocation for every business owners marketing budget. This tools allow business owners the ability to see measurable returns on each and every dollar spent to increase market share and grow their business. If you need help developing your own online marketing strategy then explore hiring an online virtual assistant. They can help to attain surefire business strategy and help you design and execute this plan to achieve huge success.

Want to bring your business to the online market? Our virtual assistants may be the best person you need!

How an Online Virtual Assistant Makes a Trememdous Difference in Promoting Your Brand

How an Online Virtual Assistant Makes a Trememdous Difference in Promoting Your BrandEvery business is like a network with its own set of vision, mission and business ideas that speaks of its underlying motivation and purposes. If your business belongs to the category of a profit motivated enterprise wouldn’t it be great to develop an online community starring your unique brand of products and services. With that said, you will need an online community manager or online virtual assistant to expose your product.

What can an online community manager do with your branding?

An online community manager’s role in your branding strategies are generally summarized into three catagories as follows:

  1. Represent your brand. Your online community manager learns everything about your company — products, services, people, events, etc. — and acts as your brand representative through various social media platforms. As such, they should have all the need-to-know’s in your business and relay it to your online customers flawlessly.
  2. Promote your brand. This is a tough task. An online community manager is the person responsible for “talking” about the brand. In fact, they spend all day communicating your brand to other people through the most popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This task requires a great deal of conviction and an ability to persuade customers to buy. Again, knowledge of your business is the key. After all, how can they promote your brand if they haven’t tried your products or services?
  3. Monitor your brand. More or less an online community manager is your company’s eyes and ears. They are also in charge of its online reputation. Monitoring your brand’s activity in the online market, particularly in social networks, can help you see your development, not to mention the response and reactions of your customers towards your brand.

What makes an effective online community manager?

So, how would you know if one is going to make an effective online community manager? Take a look at these qualities before hiring your own online virtual assistant.

    How an Online Virtual Assistant Makes a Trememdous Difference in Promoting Your Brand
  1. Effective communicator. As the name implies, communication is a vital part of the job. Online community managers reach out to your customers across the web. Therefore, they are expected to be the best conveyor of messages as their job isn’t merely talking to people but also persuading them to spend their money or do business with you.
  2. Passionate about your brand. An online manager should be passionate about your product. How is that? Simple. They should be using your product and are proud to to say they’re using it.
  3. Adequate knowledge and understanding of the brand. The online community manager has to understand clearly all the goals, products, services, and future plans of the company to be able to promote it.

Having a glimpse of the important roles of an online community manager and the qualities that should be possessed is paramount to every business owner. Exposing a certain brand in an online market is never easy, therefore, it is essential that you find the right fit for this job.

And who else can do this better than an online virtual assistant. They can provide the time that you may not have and the expertise that you need to get the most out of your online presence. If you’re interested in having an online community manager, find the best virtual assistant company that offers online or social media marketing services.

9 Online Marketing Strategies for Better Sales and Increased Brand Awareness

online marketing strategies

Before, people relied on newspapers, magazines, and radio and TV broadcast to catch up with the latest news. Now, they gather information from a wide range of sources, with the Internet topping the list. Gone are the days when people had to pause just to be updated; technological advancement has made everything fast and easy. In our generation, information is at our disposal right at our fingertips and in a matter of seconds.

As a business owner, you should take advantage of the web’s power in reaching your targeted consumers. Marketing your business through the web is a good move, and outsourcing some parts of this task to an online virtual assistant is a much better idea.

To successfully launch your product online, there should be a good integration of traditional, social, and online marketing strategies. The following are nine effective online strategies that can help increase your market value and brand awareness:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Online marketing wouldn’t be useful unless you create a search-friendly website or blog promoting your products or services. This serves as a “home database” that introduces your company to both your already-established clients and your prospective customers. Build a website that is search-engine friendly by making a product-specific landing page that features photos, descriptions, and/or videos. For highly optimized search engine performance, this page should be appropriately coded for search, complete with keyword-rich copy, title tags, header texts, a unique URL, and meta information that succinctly describes your new product. Make sure this is visible and easily accessible from your home page, at least for its initial release.

  2. E-mail Marketing

    E-mail marketing is a fantastic way to provide valuable information to people with whom you’ve already built a strong business relationship. Set up an email drip campaign that sends messages on a regular schedule at timed intervals to keep your product or service at the top of your customer’s mind, and more importantly, to keep the sales funnel flowing. Consider offering a pre-order for your new product exclusive only to e-mail recipients, or give a sneak peek of the new product before it’s released to the public. This strategy nurtures your existing customer relationship and helps you continue to build the trust you’ve already earned.

  3. Online Advertising

    Tools such as Google AdWords (and other pay-per-click services) can improve brand awareness and attract parties directly to your product. Online advertising allows you to get in the front of a specific and wide audience. Advertising on most visited sites and blogs in your industry and on frequently visited sites by your target audience is also a viable option. Advertising is often the main revenue generator on these sites and blogs, so it’s a great way to begin building relationships with website editors and operators for a chance to reach the people who are most inclined to care about your product.

  4. online-marketing

  5. Social Networks

    Social media sites are good venues to inform your current customers and brand enthusiasts. But don’t just post on any of these social networks and walk away. There are many tools available to help you manage multiple social network profiles, keep the information up-to-date and continue to communicate with your connections, while providing the social proof needed for people to buy. Post valuable content and try different methods of discussing your new product such as videos, podcasts, photos and live chats.

  6. Geolocation

    If you have a physical location that your customers often visit, utilize geolocation tools like Foursquare or Gowalla so more people will know your location just in case they want to come over and see your products. By closing the gap between online marketing platforms and a physical store, you encourage sales through different channels and fully connect the buying experience. Offer special deals to your business’ prospects and promotions to your best customers; this kind of strategy goes a long way in creating a lot of buzz for your new product.

  7. Group Buying Sites

    Groupon, Living Social, Deal On, My Daily Thread and other collective buying sites continue to grow in popularity and offer the opportunity to introduce and incentivize the purchase of your product to an opt-in audience. These sites give you the ability to customize your product offer by market and expand the product’s reach beyond those who are already familiar with your company.

  8. Blogger Outreach

    Blog sites populate the web lately. Having a blog community or group for your business provides you with links that make it easier to get your product known to the public. Blogger outreach goes hand-in-hand with traditional media outreach when it comes to generating interest for a new product. Understand the blog, its audience, and content before sharing information about your product. If it makes sense, offer your product for the blogger to review.

  9. Social Media Influencers

    Take time to research the people that are the most influential social media users in your target markets. These people have a lot of viewers, listeners, or followers, so you can definitely use them to your advantage. You may not experience the benefits immediately, but creating relationships with these highly influential people can pose valuable long-term opportunities in the future.

  10. Online Retail Sites

    Of course, don’t forget to market your products through online retail sites such as Amazon, eBay and Google Product Search. This will put your product on the right shelf where people intend to go if they want to purchase similar products.

After your product has been launched in any of these marketing platforms and public relation strategies are going on, monitor your customers’ feedback. Through this you can communicate with your customers openly. They can tell you what they like and don’t like about your product. Remember, they buy your product so you have to please them.

All these tasks may seem to be too much for you to do, but don’t worry. An online virtual assistant is always ready to help your business get into the mainstream, monitor your performance, and most of all, get engaged with your customers. There are many companies that offer virtual assistant services. Start looking for yours now!

5-Point Formula in Choosing the Best Online Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Hiring an online virtual assistant fuels your income-generating activities. You can significantly save time, effort, and money if you have a competent virtual assistant by your side. Successful client-virtual assistant relationships don’t just happen, though. There should always be a winning formula right from the very beginning of the process.

And that process starts with the selection of the best online virtual assistant among the deep pool of candidates. For you to successfully have your the right person for your business, you need to set the elements of the searching process and align them with the task you need to outsource.

If you are planning to outsource a wide array of tasks, will give you a wide list of VAs you need. This website presents a list of experts in website design, administrative tasks, finance, etc. If you need help with specific tasks such as logo or graphic work, is one of the most helpful places to explore. Here, you have the opportunity to describe your project and specify your budget.

Typing the keyword “online virtual assistant” can also be a good strategy in looking for an assistant. Once you have the search results, explore the top sites and check out if they offer exactly what you need.
But before you do the search, it is imperative that you create a precise evaluation checklist. Such a list significantly trims down the number of virtual assistants that you have to choose from. Below are some points to help you effectively choose the perfect VA who can provide the things you need for your business.

  1. Previous clients’ reviews. Check the potential assistant’s background and client history. In as much as positive feedback is given weight, you should also be keen about communication, professionalism, or schedule issues. These areas are critical and shouldn’t be ignored if you want a more productive outsourcing experience.
  2. Number of repeat customers. Positive client review is a good indication that a VA is performing well. But not all clients are vocal enough to give feedback to their assistants. In cases like this, look into the duration of their working relationship. A long-term or repeated business relationship with the virtual assistant can be a manifestation of trust, appreciation, and satisfaction.
  3. Experience and initiative. While it is true that you can get cheaper hourly rates if you hire new virtual assistants, it is more advantageous if you tap the services of seasoned ones. Tenured VAs are more efficient, as they can digest tasks more quickly than newbies. This lessens the possibility of errors, hence you get a better turnaround for every task you assign. Experienced VAs are also more observant and can figure out solutions to problems faster than new ones. They have the initiative to notify you when lapses occur.
  4. Time to complete tasks. Time is an important element. In the first place, this is a major reason why you outsource because you don’t have enough time to do all the work yourself. Some virtual assistants charge lower rates for their services but if it takes them twice as long to complete a certain task, it might be more costly for you in the longrun.
  5. Communication concerns. It would be much better if the VA you choose is available during your business hours. That way, you’ll find it much easier to work, especially when last-minute adjustments or changes arise.

Selecting the right online virtual assistant is very important if you want to save time, money and effort. You just have to be wise with your decisions. Taking into consideration the five criteria mentioned above will make the selection process easier and assure you of the best outsourcing results.

Get ready with your list of tasks to outsource, and start looking for your online virtual assistant!