Online Virtual Assistants’ Mistakes: Top 4 Reasons Why they Happen

Online Virtual Assistants’ Mistakes: Top 4 Reasons Why They Happen Virtual assistants are professionals who possess enough skills to handle tasks from business-owners, industry-builders, and other sorts of professionals all over the world. Human as they are, they may also make mistakes somewhere along the way.

They’re just like you! Here are four common reasons that every online virtual virtual assistant should take into consideration:

1. No fixed time of availability. Often times people get a virtual assistant because you hope they will work for you anytime of the day. The thing is, there are times when they are either out or they’re not at their best just like you. They may unexpectedly get sick which could result in poor or no output. They may be tasked with duties and situations requiring immediate response that can be neglected without a fixed schedule. Having no fixed time will cause failure in terms of delivery and output. It is best if you identify the time of the day when your virtual assistant should work for you. Setting a schedule gives you and your virtual assistant a smooth-flowing day — you know when to call your virtual assistant for help and they know when to deliver your expected results. Establishing time-lines and work-flow will help you get the most productivity out of your online virtual assistant.

2. Negativity towards the tasks. You may not know but virtual assistants sometimes have the feeling of negativity towards their work. “I can’t handle that task,” “I don’t know how to do this” are their common lines. This may be caused by your virtual assistant not having the skill set required by the task or they simply don’t have the interest in it. Encourage them to give it a try and keep on track with their job whatever negativity they may feel. After all, it’s their responsibility to give you the best results.

Online Virtual Assistants’ Mistakes: Top 4 Reasons Why They Happen 3. No set deadlines. No matter how good your virtual assistant is there may always come a time that they turn in their work behind schedule. This may cause your client to have a bad impression of you and your company or worse yet fire you and the company. This is one mistake that an online virtual assistant can commit. Deadlines should be agreed upon at the start of the tasks assisgnment, and expectations should be mutually agreed upon. Doing these two can help both clients and VAs avoid disappointments and frustrations.

4. Misunderstanding of instructions. When you give instructions, it is important that both you and your virtual assistant are on the same page. Encourage your VA to ask questions so that everything is clear before they begin. The clearer your VA’s understanding of the process the better output you are assured to get at the end of the day. One error can sometimes affect everything but this can definitely be avoided if you make sure that your assistant got everything right at the onset.

Making mistakes is normal. It only becomes a problem if it happens again and again. Don’t expect your virtual assistants to be always right because they won’t. There will be mistakes at some point especially if you’re dealing with new and young online virtual assistants. When mistakes happen take the time to make help them realize the error and encourage them to make necessary adjustments to correct it for future tasks.

If you need someone who can deliver results that are close to perfection look for outsourcing firms that have established a good name in the business and hire a seasoned virtual assistant!